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...[INSERT PARTNER KEYWORD]&p=[INSERT PORTAL VALUE]&adunit=vastlinear&ui=[INSERT USER IDENTIFIER]&appid=[INSERT BUNDLE ID OR PACKAGE NAME]&ip=[INSERT DEVICE IP ADDRESS]&videoPlacement=[INSERT VIDEO PLACEMENT]&skip=false[INSERT SKIP VALUE]&sc=x&DNT=[Insert '0' for tracking allowed or '1' for tracking restricted. Defaults to 0 if omitted]&vph=[INSERT VIDEO PLAYER HEIGHT]&vpw=[INSERT VIDEO PLAYER WIDTH]&videoMime=[INSERT MIME TYPE]&cc=[INSERT CONTAINER CAPABILITY]


Partner Keyword. Unique, Verve-assigned value to be provided by your Account Manager.


Portal Value

Allowable values:

  • For iOS, 'iphn'
  • For Android, 'anap'
  • For CTV, 'ctv'
uiUser’s IDFA or Google Play ID

IP Address 


Video Placement

Allowed values: stream, banner, article, feed, floating

  • stream: Played before, during or after the streaming video content that the consumer has requested (e.g., Pre-roll, Mid-roll, Post-roll)
  • banner: Exists within a web banner that leverages the banner space to deliver a video experience as opposed to another static or rich media format. The format relies on the existence of display ad inventory on the page for its delivery.
  • article: Loads and plays dynamically between paragraphs of editorial content; existing as a standalone branded message
  • feed: Found in content, social, or product feeds
  • floating: Covers the entire or a portion of screen area, but is always on screen while displayed (i.e. cannot be scrolled out of view)

Indicates if the player will allow the video to be skipped.

Allowable values:

    • 'true' if skipping is allowed
    • 'false' if skipping is not allowed

User’s Do Not Track setting indicates whether the device has "Limit Ad Tracking" enabled.

Allowable values (case-sensitive):

    • '0' if tracking is allowed
    • '1' if tracking is not allowed
    • Omitting a value will be interpreted the same as a 0, i.e. tracking allowed
vphVideo player height in pixels
vpwVideo player width in pixels

MIME type allowed for video delivery.

  • Example values: video/mp4, video/x-flv
  • String value: videoMime=video/mp4, videoMime=video/x-flv, etc.

Container Capability to define VAST/VPAID support

  • Example values: vast1.0, vast2.0, vpaid1.0

For additional details, please refer to our documentation at this link:  Documentation