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There are three parameters that are required in every tag.






Wiki Markup

|| Parameter || Name || Description ||
| p | Portal keyword | Portal keyword. This is a Verve-assigned value identifying the distribution portal on which the advertisement is being displayed. In most cases, a mobile website accessed directly using the publisher's hostname is on the default portal (keyword: "def"). The portal will change if the site is accessed through a mobile carrier's "deck". Mobile client applications are typically segregated by platform (e.g., iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, etc.) using portals. |
| b | Partner (publisher) keyword. | This is a Verve-assigned value identifying the publisher of the mobile content. Note that there's a one-to-one relationship between a mobile site and a publisher. For example, for the Daily Planet's mobile site, the partner keyword might be "dailyplanet". |
| c | Content Category | Content category ID. This is an integer which identifies the type of content available on the page for which an ad is requested. For example, a page of sports news will have one category ID, while a page of movie reviews will have another. |







If you set the "category" variable to a value in our Ad Category Codes this provides us with metadata about the content type for the impression that allows us to serve higher value ad inventory. A list of acceptable category values can be found in the AdCel API.