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This user guide will allow you to access the full potential of the Verve Support Portal.


The Verve Support Portal can be accessed by logging into your JIRA service portal which will be setup and confirmed by your Client Services Manager.

Support can easily be accessed by visiting:



The highlighted search feature below, allows you to access FAQs, product/technology information and sales materials.





The Verve Support Portal has Pre Sales and Support sections which contain varying request types.



Below are the request types available in Pre Sales.



Sales Enablement

Submit a new campaign plan or RFI/RFP by attaching the appropriate RFP/RFI form.



Below are the request types available in Support.





Platform Support

Need help figuring out how to do something in the platform?





Report a Bug

Report an error, flaw, or fault that causes an incorrect of unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.




Platform Feedback

Provide platform feedback.




Have a question?





Existing issues and requests can be found by clicking on the "requests" tab in the top right corner




Support Request Dashboard

 All open/closed requests can be found within the by leveraging the various filters and search function




Share Support Requests

Support requests can be shared by clicking the “Share” button and selecting teammates. Once a request has been shared with a teammate, they will receive an email notification and be alerted whenever there is any activity on the request. If you do not wish to continue receiving notifications for a request, you can click the “Don’t notify me” button.






Support Request Visibility

Support requests can be configured to be visible to only the reporter or your whole team. Please leave this option in it’s default selection in order to ensure ticket visibility.





Additional Information

Below is the link for Confluence’s user guide for any questions you may:

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